Has your business planned how it would recover from a disaster?
See why you’ll benefit from Disaster Recovery with our handy guide
Your requirements come first, and a Disaster Recovery Service is tailored to you.
Test your back-up server anytime, and as often as you want, to make sure you recover.
Drastically reduce the potential of downtime, so that you can get work flowing again.
No longer worry about system and data loss.
Vastly reduce the associated cost of recovering a system that doesn’t have this type of service in place.

Would your business survive a disaster? And if so, would it be able to recover? Don’t risk it, download our guide to disaster recovery now and plan how your business will stay alive after a disaster strikes. Just enter your email address in the box to the right, and download the PDF.

“ISL deliver fast friendly IT support and their engineers are always knowledgeable and personable.”
– David Mosley, Managing Director, Trojan Plastics, Huddersfield

“If you’re considering outsourcing any of your it services then look no further, they have been first class.”
– Chris Ainley, Country Finance Director, Thea Pharmaceuticals, Keele

“ISL are effectively our IT department – we think of them more as a partner than a supplier.”
– Maria Florou, GM, The Grand Hotel & Spa, York

“ISL have always provided us with technical solutions to all the problems we have presented to them.”
– Gary Palmer, Director, Waterfall Services, Warrington

In the event of an IT disaster, your business needs to be ready to recover things like system and data loss, and you shouldn’t have to worry about losing anything at all. With disaster recovery, you’ll be able to test your back-up server anytime, and as many times as you want, to make sure you’ll be back on track after you recover. You’ll drastically reduce your potential downtime and things will be back up and running before you know it. Not to mention vastly reducing the cost associated with recovering a system that doesn’t have this service in place.

Types of disaster include: major hardware failure, human error, theft or a natural disaster. In the event of these, you need to get your business back on track, and with our help, you’ll be saving time and money, along with saving your data, and potentially your business! Downloading our guide can help you and your business prepare and be ready for when disaster strikes.

So simply enter your email address into the form, and download our guide to disaster recovery for your business, and no longer worry about disaster, because you’ll be ready for it.