Windows 10 Feature Upgrade Procedure

Please note: This procedure could take from 1 to 3 hours depending on the hardware in your computer, internet speed and the current build level of Windows 10. It would be best to start this procedure at least 1 hour before end of work and set step 6 going when leaving.
  1. Go to in the Web Browser of your choice. Enter “windows 10 update assistant” into the search box & click the magnifying glass. The results should appear as below:

  1. Select the option “Windows 10 Update Assistant – Microsoft Support”. On the next screen, click the “download the Update Assistant” link:

  1. Click the “Update now” button:

  1. It may ask you to save the file to your computer (if this doesn’t happen, you can skip this step):

  1. Once downloaded, you’ll need to run the file, either from your browser or from the download location:

  1. Click the “Update now” button:

  1. After the preliminary check has completed, click the “Next” button. If any tests do not pass or any errors are shown, contact ISL support.

  1. The initial upgrade procedure will start. At this stage you can still work by pressing the “Minimise” button.

  1. When ready, your PC will prompt to restart. Save all work & click the “Restart now” button. IMPORTANT: Your computer will reboot & you will not be able to use it until the upgrade has finished.

  1. Once complete & after logon, you should be presented with a completion notice. This will also appear straight away if your build of Windows is already up to date: